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Email From: Chief Engineer M/Y SERENITY , To: 'Rick' , Freddy Quintero...... Subject: Good reports!.... Date: Oct 1, 2014 3:38 AM


Morning guys, Trusting this is finding you well.


I am the bringer of good news today as our owner has been on for a few days and as usual, when things are going well in his life, he is full of compliments and the like. He could not stop raving about the good job done by all with ref to the exhausts. He started by asking whether I had routed the Generator exhaust from the transom as he could hear the Genny running but could see no telltale slick as he had become accustomed too.


Thought I would share this with you guys as I felt quite proud. It is a huge leap forward from the old system that we had and no more filters to clean and throw away at huge cost to the owner. Of course the deckies cannot stop singing the praises either as their work load around the exhaust ports are minimal compared to what it was, all the constant cleaning and stuff.


At the risk of repeating myself, we are very happy with the system and of note; bust the 2000 hr milestone with no back pressure problems in site.


Best regards Tony


Tony Chapman/Jamie Price Chief Engineer MY Serenity Heesen project 15555